Challenge: Reduce damage to car radios during shipping and introduce retail-friendly packaging

Action: Get new packaging approved thru Japan

Results: Reduced breakage ratio by an estimated 40%

A 2nd tier automotive partner for Honda needed help solving a problem of shipping radios to the aftermarket industry.  Previously, radios were bound in bubble wrap, thrown into a box, and shipped.  As a result of this haphazard approach, the radios were suffering damage in shipment.

ASAP proposed a brand new packaging innovation called Flex N Stretch: a specially engineered clear sheet of film that is attached to a piece of corrugated board and suspends the item within a box.  We demonstrated a few samples to the team by throwing the box against the wall. The radio did not move and was unharmed.

Because this was a brand new packaging solution, the concept needed to be approved by the leaders of Honda in Japan.  After a few months of rigorous vetting, we received approval.  Over the next four years, we provided 1,400 inserts and boxes per month to ship the products. The packaging was a resounding success, with only one broken car radio during the four-year period.