By Wheel or Wing, We Can Develop a Solution

The automotive and aerospace industries are well known for extremely tight regulations and stringent specifications. With more than 10 years of experience designing custom solutions for both industries, ASAP has the knowledge and skills to complete any automotive or aerospace job. We have mastered the process of writing automotive and aerospace specs, abiding by both local and international regulations, to achieve positive results for our clients.

Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor Products

Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor Products, also known as VCI, are most commonly used in the shipping and storage of metal products. VCI products are often combined with various types of papers and poly materials to protect products from corrosion by preventing air and moisture from coming in contact with the product.

Windshield Pack Boxes

Protective Windshield Pack Boxes are manufactured with varying strengths of recycled corrugated, from 200# single-wall to 350# triple-wall. These cartons are designed to protect glass windshields from shock and abrasion during shipping and storage.

RoHS-Compliant Desiccant Packets

RoHS-Compliant Desiccant Packets control the humidity levels inside containers during shipment and storage. Available in clay Tyvek, Silica gel Tyvek, and clay sewn cloth packets, these packets absorb water and moisture in the air to keep your metal products free of rust and corrosion.

Custom Packaging for the Automotive Industry

Minimize Damage Ratios for “Hard to Package” Items.

ASAP proposed a new packaging concept to solve damage to car radios that occurred during shipping. Upon approval from Honda Japan, we provided 1,400/Month for 4 Years with only one known damaged radio during that time.