Complete Packaging Solutions to Meet Your Needs

ASAP understands that the distribution industry is a fast-paced, demanding environment, as well as what it takes to effectively manage a warehouse. That’s why we provide pallet racking, conveyors, ladders, and various packaging machines to meet the intense demands of the industry, helping you save time and money. Along with custom printed boxes and all the packaging products needed to get your products out the door, our experts can assist in laying out and setting up your warehouse to improve workflow and your packing process.

Airspeed Inflatable Bubble Systems

The Airspeed Inflatable Bubble Systems is an on-demand bubble machine that provides the best solution for void-fill applications. These machines are fast, reliable, and, most of all, economic. With the ability to produce numerous bubble sizes, Airspeed bubble systems are the right fit for your needs.

Custom Cartons

Manufactured from 200# single-wall corrugated material all the way to 1180# triple-wall corrugated material, custom corrugated cartons are a must have for every distribution company. These cartons can be sized, colored, and printed in almost any way imaginable and may also be designed to promote the customer’s name and logo. The most common carton styles are regular-slotted cartons, half-slotted cartons, and full-overlap cartons, depending on the individual needs of the customer.

Quantum Paper Systems

Quantum Paper Systems are one of the most economical options for void-fill applications. These machines dispense void-fill kraft paper at the touch of a button, providing simple damage control for your shipments. With programmable modes for different users or products, Quantum Paper Systems offer many customizable options. Paper for these systems is available in standard weight kraft and recycled green.

Vendor-Managed Inventory

Through our Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) system, ASAP helps customers experience cost-saving supply chain efficiencies. By determining each customer’s current needs and inventory usage, we consolidate inventory items and formulate patterns of usage to better predict future needs, delivering just the supplies needed, right when they’re needed. ASAP can even assign an dedicated rep to take a physical inventory and produce suggested purchase orders for the customer on a weekly or monthly basis.