Temperature Monitoring

Through Hot and Cold, We’ll Keep It Safe during Transit

When temperature damage could threaten your product—and your profits—rely on the right packaging solutions from ASAP to keep your package safe. With specialty hot and cold tapes, special packaging, pallet blankets and temperature monitoring labels, we offer a full range of supplies to control and monitor the temperature of your products in transit. Call 937.222.7422 and ask our team of experts about developing the right temperature monitoring solutions for your business.

USB Data Logger

Protect your critical shipments from the factory or warehouse all the way to the last mile and easily monitor temperature excursions with durable, easy-to-use USB Data Loggers. With no need for readers or docking stations and simple data downloading via the USB port on any PC, it’s a cost-effective solution to give you complete temperature monitoring insights. Additional features include:

  • Complete PDF reports immediately after plugging in logger
  • Immediate decision support and documentation via emailed PDF reports
  • Ability to pinpoint precise location of temperature abuse

High Temperature Ascending Threshold Indicators

High Temperature Ascending Threshold Indicators indicators help you easily minimize the risks of endangering people, as well as your company’s financial stability. The efficient, economical design of HTA indicators simplifies implementation, allowing you to reduce risk with confidence. Featuring an irreversible color change from white to red, the indicators easily communicate high temperature excursions to anyone in the supply chain.

  • Easy-to-read, simple-to-use high temperature exposure indicator
  • Reliable and accurate readings over a wide range of temperatures
  • Customizable options, including artwork and temperature ranges


Descending Threshold Temperature Indicators

Descending Threshold Temperature Indicators are the perfect solution to monitor products susceptible to cold or freezing temperatures. With a Descending Threshold Temperature Indicators, you can quickly and easily see if a shipment has been compromised, or if a product has been exposed to cooler temperatures that may compromise quality. The irreversible, chemical color change indicators present a clear and precise visual transition at a specific set point.

  • Perfect for temperature sensitive medical devices, pharmaceutical and food, and industrial goods.
  • Reliable and accurate readings over a wide range of temperatures
  • Customizable options, including artwork and temperature ranges

Pallet Blankets

Pallet Blankets provide simple and versatile protection for your temperature-sensitive products during transport. Lightweight, durable, and easy to use, they’re a cost-effective solution for temperature protection needs.

  • Polyester high-loft fiberfill insulation
  • Water-repellent, nylon outer shell
  • Machine washable, mildew- and stain-resistant inside and out


ASAP is the Sole Distributor for Tempagenix

Temp-N-Toss is a non-invasive, easy to use disposable forehead thermometer that conveniently fits in your pocket, purse or glove box so you can always have them on hand. Temp-N-Toss provides your temperature in just seconds, so it’s easier than ever to check for a fever!


  • Liquid Crystal Technology Thermometer with Medical Grade Adhesive
  • All Paper Thermometer is Mylar Free
  • No Mercury, No Glass, No Batteries and Latex-Free
  • 94oF -104oF Range – Accurate to Within 1 Degree
  • Designed for Single Use to Minimize Contamination Risk
  • Continuous Monitoring Overnight
  • Private Labeling Available for Retail Environments or Promotional Use
  • Alternate Packaging and Display Options Available