With nearly four decades of experience providing shipping supplies and packaging materials, as well as tools and equipment, ASAP is your source for custom designed packaging and stock products. We manage the process from design engineering and manufacturing to fulfillment and distribution.

From retail to industrial, we pride ourselves in providing quality packaging solutions across all industries.

Custom Design
From start to finish, ASAP works closely with each client to design, develop, test, and deliver a custom solution to fit their exact needs. By leveraging our relationships with design engineers and the experience of our ASAP design team, we create multiple solutions for our customers’ problems. After reviewing the solution with the customer, making any modifications to the design, and creating physical samples for rigorous testing, we negotiate pricing and order quantities with the manufacturer to secure the best price for our customers.

Prototype Design
When it comes to prototyping new products, ASAP has you covered. Our experienced team can develop a 4D model of non-existing products, produce CAD drawings for product design and Adobe Illustrator files for printing proofs, create die-lines for corrugated printing, and even provide physical samples of corrugated and plastic products.

Vendor-Managed Inventory (VIM)
Through our VIM system, ASAP helps customers experience cost-saving supply chain efficiencies. By determining each customer’s current needs and inventory usage, we consolidate inventory items and formulate patterns of usage to better predict future needs, delivering just the supplies they need right when they need them. ASAP can even assign an associated sales rep to take a physical inventory and produce suggested purchase orders for the customer on a weekly or monthly basis.

ASAP can set up a stocking agreement to hold reserve stock of customer specific products to ship as needed. This service helps customers with limited physical space store essential products. Additionally, out Just in Time (JIT) ordering system means that any items warehoused at ASAP are always available for next-day delivery. Stocking agreements can be assigned for 30-, 60- and 90-day term lengths.

Testing Capabilities
ASAP’s long-standing relationships with manufacturing partners allow us to present the latest in product advancements and utilize their testing facilities.

Through our reporting capabilities and quarterly pricing review, you’ll have easy access to vital data, including:

  • Any applicable WBENC spend tracking
  • Product usages
  • Monetary values of product usage